As Webmaster for Go-Link Energy, Mary is responsible for the Vision, Design, and Marketing of the Go-Link Energy online presence.  Mary has over forty years expertise on designing  Websites that convey the true "Personality, Spirit, and Heart" of the company and the reason "Why" to do successful business together.

Alan  has been a successful Entrepreneur, leader and marketeer in the Oil Gas and Agricultural Industry Nationally and Internationally for over 40 years. A Master Mentor and true innovator, Alan's ideas have helped shape these industries and drive new technologies. 

Mary Krause

Alan  MacLachlan
President and Founder

GO-Link EnergyTeam

In 2013, I started GO-Link Energy to  grow Entrepreneurship program opportunities linked with Higher Education.   Today, in South Africa over 96 schools are successfully using the The "Teacher Mentor Umgibe Seedprenure and Professorprenure" programs in their schools and communities.   

These programs provide scholarships to students that participate.  They educate and train students on becoming Entrepreneurs by teaching methods of  growing, managing, distributing, and selling  their excess produce. The students are able to get an education, stay in their country, feed their families, and  improve their community living standards. 

In 2018, Umgibe began recruiting community Women to start local  "Women Business Entrepreneur" businesses.  Comprised of groups of "5 local mothers" they are taught how to run a business;  learn to grow, market, sell, and distribute locally grown produce and fresh vegetables packaged and ready to be transported to market.


Albert Einstein said,  "the Imagination is more important than knowledge...

For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world."