From Alan: "Go-Link Energy is all about growing entrepreneurship opportunities linked with Higher Education".

Go-Link Energy partners with Countries to break the "Cycle of Hunger and Poverty".  We provide a platform for communities to maximize their resources of atmosphere, water, and soil to raise and sell their own vegetables and stock.

This breaks the cycle of poverty by giving communities, their families, and youth the confidence to succeed.   They earn an income, feed their family and educate the young using "Community based Satellite Classroom Learning Pods".  These Satellite Learning Pods enable students to learn locally and internationally.

Go-Link Energy and our partner, Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Institute based in South Africa have successfully developed a 21st century Agricultural Good Production and Business model.  Our model produces a higher food yield within a smaller footprint.  This model reduces waste, replenishes, and enriches our planet for future generations to live longer and prosper. 

Company History

 2013 - Go-Link Energy Founded by Alan MacLachlan and Mary Krause

 2014 - Human Capital Conference

 Vistula University, Warsaw Poland

"Artisan Partnership approach to    Distance Learning Presentation.

 2015 Global Higher-Ed Learning  Forum at Northern American  University, Houston, Texas U.S.A.

 2016 Launched BioProtecEnv and the Global Networked Project Teacher Mentor Program at Northern American University.

2017 BioProtecEnv Partnered with Nonhlanhla "Ma" Joye and Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Institute of South Africa.

2017-2109 Alan worked with Mrs. Joye to develop a Teacher Mentor program to teach "Umgibe's Gardening method". Teaching students to grow, harvest, package, sell, and market  vegetables to South African Businesses will raise their communities out of poverty. 

2020 February 20, 2020 launching of the "Seedprenue and Professorprenure" Teacher Mentor programs to Umgibe Communities. 

2020 South Africa, Launching of
​UDO-S Umgibe Dynamics Operating System pronounced "you do".  Communities interested in "educating their youth, developing a source of community income, and ridding itself of poverty" can start a Umgibe Dynamic Farming System to change their world.  

2021 South Africa, launched  "Community based Satellite Classroom Learning Pods" for educating local youth enabling them to be educated and live in their communities. 

2022  Go-Link Energy and Umgibe have the opportunity  to provide vegetables and produce to Continental Hotels.

2024 Umgibe hosted a Educational  Conference for the top 10 Universities in South Africa on the benefits of utlizing the "Umgibe Method."

Community based Satellite Classroom and Field Learning Pods


2024 Umgibe University Scholarship Graduates

Zulu Hut Dorms being built to house
Students, Teachers, and Guests