2013 - Go-Link Energy Founded

 2014 - Human Capital Conference

 Vistula University, Warsaw Poland

"Artisan Partnership approach to    Distance Learning Presentation.

 2015 Global Higher-Ed Learning  Forum at Northern American  University, Houston, Texas U.S.A.

 2016 Launched BioProtecEnv and the Global Networked Project Teacher Mentor Program at Northern American University.

2017 BioProtecEnv Partnered with Nonhlanhla Joye and Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Institute of South Africa.

2017-2109 Alan worked with Mrs. Joye to develop a Teacher Mentor program to teach"Umgibe's Gardening method". Teaching students to grow, harvest, package, sell, and market  vegetables to South African Businesses will raise their communities out of poverty. 

2020 February 20, 2020 launching of the "Seedenterprenue and Professorenterprenure" Teacher Mentor programs to Umgibe Communities. 

2020 South Africa, Launching of
​UDO-S Umgibe Dynamics Operating System pronounced "you do".  Communities interested in "educating their youth, developing a source of community income, and ridding itself of poverty" can  Lease Umgibe's Dynamic Farming System to change their world.  


Alexander von Humbolt, the father of Ecology sought knowledge of astronomy, botany, geology and zoology.  Cross disciplines offered him vast panorama of the options in his studies as he said, "Knowledge never kills the creative force of imagination." 

A company with seasoned employees with different disciplines will strengthen the core value if they have the opportunity to articulate their knowledge as skilled teachers and mentors by collaborating with the young tech-savvy young.

Company History


From Alan:  You have no doubt read various news media articles about the lack of availability of work force skills.  This skill shortage affects most companies by increasing the unnecessarily cost in the hiring process and reducing productivity.

Many in the industry recognize the benefits of transferring skills from seasoned employees to the younger employees.  The drawback is that
NOT everyone has the ability to get the specific company needed skills when our academic institutions are behind the curve.

The Goal to an effective training program; using Company seasoned employees teamed with the young quickly expands the pool of skilled worker.  Go-Link Energy has developed the first  virtual Global Networked Project Teacher Mentor Certified program in the country to accomplish this goal. 

These programs use your seasoned skilled employees as teacher mentors. Given the added ability to deliver their corporate knowledge gained over the years, these employees who are nearing retirement trained as teacher mentors enhance the pool employee skills within the organization. 

To lose unique skills gained throughout the years of working for company's is counter productive and depletes profits.  Many firms are losings skilled employees in retirement in some cases up to 60%.  This is not sustainable and will drive up recruiting costs for corporations.

My colleagues and I have witnessed the negative impact on company operations due to the retirement of skilled seasoned employees.  Your employee turnover is part of the problem, but the real problem is the loss of specific company institutional skills.  The seasoned employee is quickly becoming an endangered species.

Today's younger generation of worker has different values... no desire to work at one company their entire career.  They are quick to jump ship.  They may never reach maximum skill level,  although they will have a diverse career.  They do not enjoy working from the ground up or starting from the bottom.  A "Fast Track" Promotional Program to address this mindset and keep key employees is a must...use the Teacher Mentor Program!

Our recipe for success, use talented seasoned employees as Teacher Mentors or the industry will lose the gained lifetime knowledge they possess.