University Students in South Africa attending Durbin University Technology South Africa now have the ability to study Agricultural Courses world wide.  They have the advantage of attending classes in the traditional classroom setting as well as taking related courses thru Webinars.

The advantage of participating in these "live" Agricultural Global Business Webinars is that   our Webinar Teacher Mentors come from the Top Universities around the Globe.  These "Teacher Mentors" provide a  diverse, global up-to-date knowledge base of "what works" in their part of the world.  This knowledge can then be refined and applied locally. 

Global High-Ed Teacher Mentor Learning ProgramTyp

Welcome to the  Go-Link Energy Global High-Ed Teacher Mentor program.  This program initially started in the Oil & Gas Industry.  It became so popular that the Learning Templates have been formulated for the Agricultural Industry World Wide.

University Students at  Durbin University Techmology South Africa studying Agriculture