Knowledge transfer from Retiree Mentor to New Employees removes uncertainty creating new opportunities to build efficient Industrial System

Go-Link Energy's Global High End  Virtual  Project Learning Program is a  collective of Academia, Science, Business and Technology.

Global Project High End Learning:  The goal of this program:  Offer Students tactical  Real Life examples using courses provided by excellent Educators and Institutions.  The Global HIgh End Virtual Project  program challenges Students to think critically and  to bring out the value of Teamwork and Collaborative Deep Learning.

        Alan's Informational Videos on Strategies for 21st Century Success

Why compromise future Corporate Survival? Use Retirees as in-house Teacher Mentors

Gloria Campbell Video  Interviews  Alan MacLachlan
            President Go-Link Energy 04.05.2018 

​How to Lease  your Umgibe Community Farming  System UDO-S

​ Video High Points:  (mouse to specific video frame number)

Frame: 1:36 - "Out of Poverty" using Umgibe Community Sustainable Farming

2:47 - "How To Skills" thru Go-Link's "Teacher Mentor Program "

3:36 -   Make Money, Get your Own  "Community Umgibe Farming System"

4:00 -   Get Sales and Profits from your Farm, Set Up Product Distribution 

4:25 -   You and Your Community can MAKE A DIFFERENCE Contact Alan