Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Insitute - How Umgibe Makes Farming Easy                                                         12.31.18

Today's World:  Water Depletion, Food Scarcity, Agricultural Pollution, and Community Poverty

What's Happening Now -  Go-Link Energy, has developed a 21st Century Agricultural Food Production and Business Model guaranteed to increase production, reduce waste,  replenish, and enrich our planet and future generations to live long and prosper.  BioProtecEnv, a "Global Virtual Concept"  networks farmers and industry around the world. 10.24.2016                              

​​How Do You Start?  Lease the complete UDO-S Farming System

Wanted:  Local Communities interested in "ridding yourself of poverty, developing a source of community income by growing vegetables, and educating your youth ". 
    Make Money  by Leasing the UDO-S Umgibe Dynamics Operating System. 
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Nonhlanhla Joye's Eco-Friendly, 
Umgibe Community growing system and products for market.


The United Nations Sounds Alarm on Global Food, Water, and Pollution.  Food waste is 50 percent or more and natural resources losses are at a critical stage. 

At Go-Link Energy, we listened.  In  2016, BioProtecEnv   launched and developed a Global  solution to this eminent threat.  Effective January 2017,  BioProtecEnv no longer affiliated with North American University .

 UDO-S Umgibe Dynamics Operating System

A "Clinical Organic Farming System" that produces disease free food economically using Biomas.  "We grow vegetables in bags as you can see from the above picture". There is no excess waste, no pollution to the environment, nor the insects that inhabit it," stated Alan MacLachlan, President of Go-Link Energy.

By investing $800 Communities will get a complete  UDO-S Farming System.  Administered by Umgibe Training Institute the UDO-S System enables communities to: 
 " train and educate their youth, develop a source of income from growing vegetables, and rid itself of poverty".  

Developed by Go-Link Energy with our Partner Umgibe Farming Organics & Training Institute.


Go-Link Energy Teacher Mentor Programs trains educators in the effective art of  Teacher Mentoring.
South Africa February 20, 2020.   The  "Seedenterprenue and Professorenterprenure" Teacher Mentor Umgibe programs are introduced to  Communities.  


Nonhlanhla Joye's sustainable and Eco-friendly gardening technique not only helped her turn her health around, but empowered her to create the Umgibe Farming & Training Institute. 

Partnering with BioProtecEnv,  they have now more that 5,000 co-operatives, 102 Co-ops with Women's Associations, and over 25 Orphanages. There are now more than 1080 farmers growing vegetables. 

​ Reducing Poverty by Investing in the Young

Mrs. Joye has partnered with Go-Link Energy's Teacher Mentor
program to teach the gardening method to learners in South
African communities. 

The  "Seedenterprenue and Professorenterprenure"
Teacher Mentor Umgibe programs are currently being introduced into 
these Communities.   Scholarships are provided for students to attend
the program educating them on  growing, managing, distribution
and selling  their excess community  produce.

The Seedenterprenue Umgibe Mentor program educates the local youth
enabling them to be educated and live in their communities .
Their communities benefit by ridding themselves of poverty

by education and community farming.