A Umgibe Community of households growing vegetables in  Potting Bags for one family at a time without waste.   They use the "Umgibe Fugal Climate Smart System", of farmimg, brainchild of Nonhlanhla Joye.

Umgibe Women's Association sewing Biodegradable Plant  Growing Bags

Umgibe Women's Association  fresh vegetables ready to be transported to market
umgibe farming organics training institute
Umgibe fresh vegetables ready to be delivered to your door
Umgibe grown food packaged and ready to be transported to market
"Umgibe Farming educates the young and elderly to grow" food  in handmade " Potting Bags" sewn by community women's groups on sewing machines. 

"We have no wasted water, due to our BioProTecEnv " Bamboo Capillary Wicking Watering System  (BCWWS)",  stated MacLachlan.



Umgibe Farming "economizes" the poor out of poverty and educates the young in growing food with limited resources.  Self Esteem, Self Worth, and Financial Success is created
​"one person" at a time using the Umgibe Farming method.

umgibe farming organics training institute

Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Institute is a carbon-saving, ecological, organic, income generating vegetable-growing system which provides a platform to market vegetables grown by grassroots farmers in South Africa. Umgibe supports local farming co-operatives by providing access to technology, training, and markets.

 Investing in Umgibe and supporting their vision for student farmers helps to break the cycle of poverty and provide a future for the upcoming generation.

Student farmers sign up for the program, are trained, and receive a household farm.  Umgibe provides continual support and contracts to fill orders with commercial customers. 


"Umgibe Fugal Climate Smart System wastes nothing. All organic vegetables are grown raised approximately 80 cm off the ground. There is no excess waste, no wasted water, no pollution to the environment, nor the insects that inhabit it," stated MacLachlan.
         Umgibe Farming Organics Family Farms.

          Own your Household Farm:   Grow, Harvest, Sell - it's just that simple